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Anybody else considering trying WaveSurfing in the TwinDuel tournament? I know I need to drastically rework my movement to compete with GeminiTeam, and I have some vague ideas and code begun to do TwinSurfing; but I don't think I'm ready to make it my main movement focus just yet.

I was just curious if anybody else it is trying it or considering it yet. I'm almost positive it can be done pretty well within our 2,000 byte code limit.

-- Voidious

I've experimented with it some long time ago now. That was in a general team setup (that would be TeamSurfing?) I guess). Never got it to really work though. But my general approach was to let each team member focus on only one opponent to collect fire-waves and then share those waves in the team. I'm a noob at all melee stuff so my problems where rather how to deal with many bots on the field and collisiono avoidance and such rather than the raw data processing. -- PEZ

I do something really similar to teamSurfing in TeamSliNk (which 2on2 version beats GeminiTeam by the way :/). I don't fire waves, but the result should be the same. But up to now i failed do implement it within 2000 bytes. Im currently reworking the whole (5on5) movement... but the general idear works. I think an essential thing is a good team radar, to have accurate enemy fire positions. I have no time to describe the whole concept right now, but if you are intrested just ask. --Krabb

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