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* Steve Coope aka Shrubbery - Author of Vapour, finished second in the IBM Roborumble advanced category.
* Steve Coope aka Shrubbery - Author of Vapour, finished second in the IBM Roborumble advanced category.

/Phoenix My current competitive 1-v-1 bot (Phoenix Gun Development)
/PhoenixOS An early version of Phoenix, released with source code.
/Free Code Help yourself to the code in this section, with or without giving credit. Hope it comes in handy!
/Tutorials Some step-by-step tutorials showing how to do various things in robocode.
/Bots Every bot I've ever made, the ones I fondly remember and the ones I'd like to forget
/Inspiration Have I inspired you? That's the best part about doing this. Tell me about it! :-)

My email is .

I am the MostCompetitiveRobocoderEver, according to PEZ.

The current size of my /robocode folder is 153,315 files with a total of 902 MB. --David Alves

That's, like, a lot. -- Voidious

Preserving names of old-timers here, they were in a file on my computer. Don't want them getting lost forever.

Any ruby wizards out there want to write little program that takes a given jar file, measures the codesize, finds the .properties files in it for the robot, and reads the name and version number out of it? =) --David Alves

That's pretty cool, Ebo. Unfortunately I'm using Ruby on Rails, so I'm afraid I can't integrate that very easily... I guess I'll have to do a bit of reading on how Ruby's zip library works. --David Alves

I tried learning Ruby once ... didn't work. Python is so much easier to understand and read/write. -- Ebo

You could do a little cross-language interaction, if the server supports tomcat, have ruby call a tomcat class via POST or GET and have it call codesize and build the properties file then send a POST or GET back to the ruby script with the result. Any other language that can execute a jar or simular would work to. --Chase-san

We have a total of 256MB of RAM for MySQL?, php, Ruby on Rails, and the OS... I think Tomcat is out of the question. =) --David Alves

Wooooo! Python! --Bayen

When the new repository is finished, will its code be open source? As we have all found out through experience, not knowing how the RoboRumble ranking system works can be extremely painful! =) -- AaronR

Absolutely. Incidentally the current system is open source too. I plan on just copying how it does the ratings.

We should move discussion to the roborumble.org page --David Alves

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