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Correction: I actually did delete Senticous.java but I still have the obfuscation mapping.
Correction: I actually did delete Senticous.java but I still have the obfuscation mapping.

That'll work! Thank you. I don't see what it's doing (not because of the obfuscation, I just don't see what it's doing), but thank you! :) -- Simonton

I am a programmar that enjoys programming and mathematics.

Released robots:

Comments and suggestions are welcome below.

Ah, who wants to wait? Give us a preview! And as a side, we K members have now doubled in the last couple weeks :-) -- Kawigi

Iīm the other new K member, but i think you arenīt new to robocode :) BotPlus? was the first bot i downloaded! -- Krabb

I did not even notice that someone had replied here. The reason why I am delaying the release is because I am usually online at school, and for some interesting reason, WebSense blocks the Robocode Repository but none of the other Robocode pages. I am also delaying the release of my robot because I wanted to add better wall avoidance. However, my robot has gotten worse :(, so I may just release it now, since I am already planning to create a new robot from scrap. (Now that I think about it, I think that I will release it, probably, by the end of this week. But do not expect much.)

I am actually comparatively new to Robocode (about several months) and BotPlus? is rather bad, now that I have seen so many better ones and am currently working on a much better one. --Kinsen

Thanks for all your bug reports for the Robocode editor!

I have looked into your bug report "Replace function generates extra tabs", but I am not able to reproduce it. Can you give me some details for how to reproduce it. E.g. what to write in the editor, and what to select and write in the replace dialog? You are running on Windows with Java 1.4 / 1.4.2?

I have also looked into your bug report "Cancel button does not work". What do you mean? It is supposed to close the notification window with the "Yes", "No", "Cancel" buttons. It does so on my machine!? Again, I should like to know your OS version and Java version so I can reproduce the error.


Sorry if I was a bit vague. For the replace function, opening any robot file and using the replace dialog to replace "public" or "private" with "replace" or something else properly replaces the occurances. However, the last line of code is then filled with tabs. For the cancel button, I would expect that it does not close the file, as it does currently. I am using Windows XP and Java 1.5.

On a side note, I have noticed some other bugs, but they only happen on Windows 98.


I am running on Windows XP with SP2 and no tweak programs on two different machines. One with XP Pro and another with XP Home. I am running Java 1.4.0, 1.4.2_11, Java 1.5.0_7 (5.0 Update 7) and Java 1.6 (6.0) Beta 2. I have had a really hard time switching machines and Java version, and trying to reproduce the two errors. In addition, I have looked into the code. In the replace case one single String.replace/replaceAll is called, letting the native side of Java taking care of the replacement. In the case of the "Cancel" button error, and standard JOptionPane?.YES_NO_CANCEL_OPTION dialog is used returning JOptionPane?.YES_OPTION, NO_OPTION, CANCEL_OPTION. In the case of the CANCEL_OPTION nothing is done. The JOptionPane?.YES_NO_CANCEL_OPTION is closed automatically. It all sums up to that no bug can be found inside Robocode, so I cannot fix it. I can only make some kind of workaround for systems where the bugs occurs. Are you sure that Sun's Java VM is the one running, and not e.g. Microsofts buggy Java VM? --Fnl

Regarding Win98.. yes, it's well-known that a lot of bugs occur with Java running on this OS, and that Sun haven't been able to make workaround for the buggy parts of Win98. Some issues were fixed with the Win98 SE and WinME, and new introduced. Luckly, there is not as many with Win2000 and WinXP ;-) --Fnl

I have tried out the cancel bug and I think that it is only with Win98. I probably got mixed up because I use Win98 and WinXP to run Robocode and I thought that it was on the WinXP. But, the replace option still occurs on the WinXP (with SP2) computer. The only difference is that I am using Java 1.5.0_06. -- Kinsen

I think you are right that the dialog issue (cancel button) only occurs on win98, which has some issues regarding dialoges.. at least with Java on top of it. One way to avoid this bug is to avoid using the standard JOptionPane?.YES_NO_CANCEL_OPTION dialog and make one myself. This will require some work, but it is of course possible. A workaround for the replace-problem might be to remove trailing spaces in the end of the source file. I think I will do this in the comming 1.1.2 Beta. --Fnl

I am experiencing a problem trying to save the page RoboRumble/StartingWithRoboRumble. It lets me through but does not save any of the changes I make. -- Kinsen

Not sure what the problem is, Kinsen, but if you e-mail me the updated page text (see ContactInfo) I should be able to change it. -- Voidious

The bug where extra tabs were added to the end of the source file has now been fixed. It will be available in the comming release of Robocode, i.e. 1.1.4. :-) --Fnl

I should like you to verify your bug report regarding the [Cancel button does not work] bug that this problem only occurs on Window 98. If this is the case I might close the issue, as it will require too much work for a deprecated OS. --Fnl

It is fine if you close the issue because I don't Robocode on the Windows 98 computer often. I tried to replicate it on the Windows XP computer and it seemed to work. Also, thank you for fixing the other problem--Robocode is so much easier to use with all the additions! -- Kinsen

How can robotA determine if an enemy is orbiting clockwise or counter-clockwise assuming the enemy is orbiting robotA and the enemy is only going forward? (And without using a lot of if statements) -- Kinsen

If its lateral velocity is near 8. (follow the link for details) -- Martin

I will no longer be writing anymore robots. It has taken too much time away from other things, especially other programs that I should have been working on and I have already deleted all my robocode directories/files so the decision is final. However, trying to write the best robot has helped me learn more Java but I know that I have reached the point where I am not learning any more Java. -- Kinsen

Do you still have the source for Senticous? May I see it? -- Simonton

Sorry to hear that, Kinsen, but I know the feeling. Best of luck with your next time-consuming hobby. ;) -- Voidious

I realized that I still have the source for Senticous on my USB so I can post it if you want although it does not do well compared to Quarrelet since I had only changed the gun (and used setTurnRightRadians?(e.getBearingRadians?() - Math.PI / 2) instead of + Math.PI / 2). -- Kinsen Correction: I actually did delete Senticous.java but I still have the obfuscation mapping.

That'll work! Thank you. I don't see what it's doing (not because of the obfuscation, I just don't see what it's doing), but thank you! :) -- Simonton

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