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A wiki is a site where anyone can add or alter any content. If you don't find the information you are looking for, add it or add a suggestion that it should be there. Consider following this guide - AskingQuestions.

Play around in the SandBox if you want to experiment with the [wiki syntax].

Site usage hints

If you're planning on editing wiki content. Then first of all; Make sure you have edited your wiki Preferences. That's the only way to make sure the wiki knows with what user name to tag the changes. Also, the wiki server is located on the US east coast. Thus it is reporting times in the EST timezone. Just edit your local time offset at the bottom of the Preferences page. (CET is 6 hours offset from EST.)

To alter content on a page, click the "Edit text of this page" at the bottom of the page. To add a page, follow the instuctions on the PageLink page.

Use the <pre></pre> tag to protect code examples from being Wikized. Then you don't need to start each line with a space either. If you want to type non-code stuff with the same protection use the "nowiki" tag.

Use the Changes link to get to know what's new. (It also gives an indication on what's hot). "All Pages" gives a flattened view of the entire site.

The Search function (at the bottom of every page) is very powerful. Use it.

Please read the RoboWikiHomePage to get at some links pointing to further info about how to UseModWiki.

Please don't think about this site as being PEZs. I only give it some few megabytes of harddisk and one or two CPU cycles on my server now and then. It's your site as much as mine. You can edit any page. Ask questions, answer questions, restructure the content, correct spelling, whatever.

There's a strange bug in my UseModWiki regarding user names. I don't know if it is in my configuration or in UseModWiki itself. If you don't enter a username in [Preferences] (you can use any legal [WikiName] like [[Foo]]) the site chooses the last user it knows about. This is often me. Please make sure you have a username entered in until I have found a fix for this (which might not be all that soon, I have a robot to attend to). -- PEZ
If you think a particular sub section is missing, just create it. If you think this structure can be improved, please do. Please follow Urbans example and correct any errors in spelling you notice.
There's currently only one major rule to pay attention to:
  1. Pretty please be polite. (Not that I have seen much rudeness anywhere on this site yet.)

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