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A "calculator" for the TargetingChallenge

I think it should be pretty obvious how to use it. But here's a crash course:
  1. Run the TC in RoboLeague as lined out in the /HowTo (1 or more seasons)
  2. Upload the RoboLeague division XML file to the TCCalc web form
  3. Copy the resulting wiki code that TCCalc produces and paste it into the approriate table(s).
    1. If the uploaded file contains results from more than one season TCCalc will also produce an average of all seasons. Useful for the /FastLearning challenge.

-- PEZ

Update Jan 17 2006

I've updated the calculator some now. Mainly to make it work for other TC reference bot sets. Now if you feed it a TargetingChallenge2K6 file it will ASCII sort the list of bots. Being fed a file containing the original TC reference bots it will keep the order those results where posted in.

In addition to these changes the script now outputs a full table with bot header and all. This to make it easy to paste the full results on a wiki page for preview.

I hope it works. =)

-- PEZ


Does it delete the file after calculating it, or does it store it on the server somewhere? -- Vuen

At the moment it only uses it for calculating the scores and giving you the wiki code back to paste on the wiki. But it can be changed of course.

Has anyone tried it? It's quite useful I think (if I may say so myself...). I keep RoboLeague open and rerun the TC division after every recompile of GloomyDark. Wiping GD's data directory after each run of course. TCCalc happily calculates all seasons in the results file so I get a list telling me quite well if I have improved or not.

-- PEZ

Very nice! It works quite well. Thanks PEZ! It was getting annoying constantly alt-tabbing to get a percentage score... -- Vuen

I added a season averaging function. -- PEZ

If you can't find the TC reference Tron, download it from here: http:/robocode/uploads/pez/abc.Tron_2.01.jar -- PEZ

I'm getting a bug trying to feed a TC2k6 FastLearning? file into the calculator, and ideas? mismatched tag at line 39, column 2, byte 596 at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.7/i686-linux/XML/Parser.pm line 187 -- Chase-san

Maybe you fed it the .html instead of the .xml by accident? The other thing is that you have to have your bot as the "focused competitor" in the RoboLeague file. Sometimes I get an error and just try again and it works, too, I dunno what's up with that... -- Voidious

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