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VertiLeach, by PEZ.

What's new?

What's special about it?

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?


How competitive is it?

Top-10 material I would say.

Whhhhhoooooooooooooohooo!!!! Verti won the RobocodeLittleLeague mini 1v1 division 20030927: http://robocode.yajags.com/20030927/mini-1v1.html

Currently #45 #4 #3 #11 #10 #4 in RoboRumble@Home:

General competition
[October 12 2003] - [Current ranking] - [Details]

Currently #1 in MiniRumble?@Home

[October 12 2003] - [Current ranking] - [Details]

How does it move?


It tries to stay at a fix, close, distance along the X axis from its enemy. And for the Y coordinate it copies the enemy's Y coordinate, and then applies WaveSurfing along the Y axis.

How does it fire?

A ReducedDimensionalSegmentation GuessFactorTargeting gun.

How does it dodge bullets?


How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

This bot doesn't know about Melee battles.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Nothing between battles. All sorts of stats between rounds.

Where did you get the name?

It just reflects its behaviour I think. With some bad spelling added.

Can I use your code?

Indeed, it's released under the RWPCL. Included in the jar file. Ugly though.

What's next for your robot?

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Tityus, Pugilist

Comments, questions, feedback:

Quite impressive! It brings also some fresh air into Robocode, currently dominated by "long range-low fire power" bots, by mantaining a valiant close combat always at less than 300 from the enemy. -- Albert

Thanks! And with "high-power bullets" =). Something for the PointBlankCompetition, in'it? -- PEZ

Cool done,PEZ,Creative movement,cool way to did movement and the movement is cool for gun to save datas,and its color is nice.~;] it beat BlestPain in 300 rounds in my testing~;[. -- iiley

Its looks like two dancers when it fighting FloodMini,haha~~~ nice dancing. -- iiley

=) FloodMini never objects to a close dance either. -- PEZ

Wow. After watching VertiLeach fight, I am extremely impressed with its movement. The way it moves is brilliant. ...I had more to say on it, but it's 4am and I forget now what I was thinking about. In any case, I like the way it assaults the enemy. I have been brooding over various firepower algorithms lately, and basically have decided that I like shooting high power, and I'm very tempted to make Fractal be more aggressive(sp?) in future versions. I'm wondering whether or not I should make it always passive, or always aggressive, or to have both and be able to learn which to use on whom; the problem is, I can never seem to write a powerful gun. No bot I have ever written is powerful on offense. But I like how VertiLeach assaults the enemy, and with Fractal's design I think I could make it house a more powerful gun and be able to do well in an offensive mode. Maybe I should have written this in Fractal's discussion area instead of here. Ah well. Great bot PEZ =). You've given inspiration that it is possible for an offensive bot to succeed in the RR@H. (side note, the current development version of Fractal can pretty consistantly tie the latest VertiLeach, while Fractal 0.3 gets thrashed by it (it being VertiLeach). =) A new version will come soon...) -- Vuen

I'm very curious about those other things you had to say about the movement. =) But you bring up two intersting subjects here;

  1. Agressiveness vs passiveness, and the full spectra of behaviours in between.
  1. Fire power strategies.

Now Verti is down on #10 in the rankings BTW. I had hoped it should be able to stay in top-6 (not an arbitrary set). -- PEZ

I just realized "leech" is spellt "leech" and no other way. Gah! -- PEZ

I wonder if iiley has realized yet his bot should be called BlessedPain? :) -- FnH

Ahhh, I have actually wondered about that. Of course, phonetically it is the same. -- PEZ

"Blest" is a correct spelling of the word "blessed" in old english. I don't know if this was iiley's intention or not, but it is perfectly acceptable as a bot's name. Also, [leach] is most definitely a word, and it fits perfectly. -- nano

Blest and blessed are as good as each other in my book. I don't see how the definition you linked for leach fits, Nano, maybe a better explanation is in order. -- Kawigi

Maybe it leaches the competition (eh, like making it look pale or some such). =) -- PEZ

leach, v.tr. To empty; drain: “a world leached of pleasure, voided of meaning”
How about "a bot leached of energy, unable to move"? I know it's less poetic, but Robocode bots are definitely in the business of leaching one another. I mean, they even steal their opponents' energy just like a leech leaches its host's blood! -- nano

Just looked it up, [blest] is indeed a valid alternative for blessed (although a bit archaic to my taste) -- FnH

PEZ, while it pains me greatly to see Verti that much tougher to kill I still think I should report that you may have a bug in your ramming code. I was playing around with some new VertiLeach killer ideas I had and I have noticed that it tends to miss when it tries to ram. My bot ends up disabled and yours sits there, close to me but having never made contact, while we wat for the timer to expire. Seems like your calculation of my X,Y coordinates are off. I wonder if this may be the source of all your targeting bugs as well. Here's hoping it fixes your bot and degrades it's performance :) FYI: I was testing with Version 1.3.1 -- jim

Thanks! I'm sorry to say that it is not the targeting bug. I reset the Y offest Verti chooses only when the enemy fires. The ramming only works by the X coordinate which means that when the enemy has stopped firing and Verti decides to ram it might get stuck above or below the enemy instead. I wasn't aware of this. Should be easily fixed if I have the bytes for it. -- PEZ

Yeah, I had observed this quite a bit too in my testing, but I forgot to mention it. It happened surprisingly often against my less than intelligent bots. Hopefully you can find the room to fix it ; ) -- Vuen

The problem is that I have made quite a few changes in the development version of Verti. All of which seem to degrade its performance. So I won't release the ramming-fixed Verti any time soon. -- PEZ

Heh, I was wondering when you were going to get round to this. I think you can squeeze another 60-70 bytes by not reusing the Point2Ds, so possibly you can add some of that functionality back in? Worth a try. - Jamougha

Maybe. But I am not sure they give any edge though. Will have to run some heavy testing to find out. Thanks for the shrinking tips! -- PEZ

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