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Archived Chat from 4-5-2008

I'm Chase-san I am a 20 year old, computer science college student.

I have programmed C, C++, C#, php, javascript, visual basic and perl for many years before finding robocode. I now however am addicted to java.

Check out my /Free Code section for code you can use for free.
If you want to see my actual code you can goto my site: [Code Repository].

A PatternMatching robot by me is /PatternBot
My current development project is /Prototype

Development Bots: Bots of mine that are still in development.

My Bots: Bots that are as done as they are gonna get.

Wiki bots: Bots I made and put into the wiki package.

Retired Robots: Bots that are no longer competing.

Unreleased Robots: AiayJabitW, Dodger, AiayHaiku, Gravitron, DigitalSea (NN bot), LastStand, FirstSurfer, MRMB, SuperSurfer, SurferX, Blackjack, Blackjack 2, Blackjack 3, Linker, Merge, Grudge, Ann, Reversal, DemonBot, EvilDroid (a droid based bot), EvilDrone (hackbot) and Dijzerna.

Comments: Archive the chat on this page. --Chase-san

Also you can access my code for almost all my robot projects from my site here: [Code Repository]
I will more of my older code to it as time goes on, such as MirrorMaster, Beowulf, Tyrra, and so on as I locate thier code. Its not a SVN its just it all dumped into one place. s2 is what I had done for Seraphim 2, koho is prototype, kt is a unfinished bot called Bel, pm is my really annoying pattern matcher Pytko, also Pytko code might be broken because I think at one point I tryed to add a kd-tree (so it could use its range search function and easilly get everything within range, see I sometimes have original ideas). na and dev compose Seraphim 1, kd2 I think is a kd tree I started on but never finished. Other projects are other stuff I have worked on, mostly when I was bored. Have fun.

Ja well, I have been gone for awhile, but I guess I will try and program a robot. From scratch of course, gone are my days of using other robots for references and such. Even for simple things like advancing and linear motion and such. I think I have come to a point where I would really rather understand it then just make something that works well. I have no idea what I plan to make but my mind has considered some fairly interesting things like a half a turn (or 1/3 or 1/4, 1/8, etc) updating self organizing map based neural network solution, if I want to get complicated, otherwise just some kind of log based system. I have no idea at this time but, it doesn't really matter for me, just want to have some fun programming it. --Chase

How could anyone not have fun programming? Glad to see someone coming back :-). --Zyx

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