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Bots often fall in this or that category when it comes to competitions:

Type of fight:
* OneOnOne: Bots that fight face to face, only two bots in the arena.
* Melee: Bots capable of facing multiple enemies. More than two bots in the arena.
* Overall: Bots suited for both 1v1 and melee fights.
* Teams.

WeightClass, measured in CodeSize:
* NanoBots: < 250
* MicroBots: < 750
* MiniBots: < 1500
* MegaBots: >= 1500

Max lines of code:
* HaikuBots: 4 lines
* SonnetBots: 14 lines

* PerceptualBots: Bots that do not store any information in-between turns
* FemtoBot: Basically rating = score / CodeSize, so the bigger the bot, the more score is needed for the same rating.
* MultiMode: Bots with multiple ways of doing things. Not specifically used in competitions.
* Survivalists: Bots focused on being the last one alive, bullet damage not required.
* JustForFun: Bots developed for amusement rather than battle.
* TechDemos: Bots built to show a special feature, and not intended for real battle.
* RamBots: Bots designed to fight at extremely close range, augmenting their score with ram damage.

Extends/implements - also see the RobocodeAPI:
* Extends Robot: Basic bots
* Extends AdvancedRobot: Includes non-blocking methods like setAhead (I think I'm going to clarify this -- Jonathan)
* Extends TeamRobot: Not really a BotCategory?. See Teams.
* Implements Droid

Check out DroidPoet which is a PerceptualBot Robot& Droid HaikuBot. It's probably a NanoBot as well. =) -- PEZ

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