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What's new?

What's special about it?

It's the first public bot using SandboxFlattener movement. Also it's released under the "wiki" package. Something I hope and think we will se more of. Movement is created by Kawigi and targeting by PEZ

Where can I download it from?


How does it move?

RandomMovement, ProvocativeMovement, you name it.See below under bullet dodging.

How does it fire?

Two VirtualGuns:
  1. A factored variant of AngularTargeting
  2. AveragedBearingOffsetTargeting

How does it dodge bullets?

It tries to flatten the aiming curve of the enemy. See the page on SandboxFlattener, this is the first complete robot to utilize this movement developed by Kawigi. It's movement could also go under the ProvocativeMovement category as well, as it tries to find the most beneficial distance to stay from the enemy, taking into account both how much the robot gets hit and how much the robot hits the enemy. At the same time, of course, its movement is designed to not get hit, and it often stays reasonably close (as close as about 250 away at least) and still manages not to get hit much at all.

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

This is strictly a OneOnOne bot.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Between rounds it saves it's VirtualGuns factor, factors for it's two aiming methods and various factors guiding its movement. Between matches it saves nothing at the moment. (I'm pretty sure it should be an immediate improvement saving those factors persistently.)

Where did you get the name?

HT stands for Hit This! A brave call directed at SandboxDT (where DT stands for "Dodge This!").

Can I use your code?

Sure knock yourself out: MakoHT/Code

What's next for your robot?

We don't know yet. Probably add persistance to the gun (as Mako 1.2.5) and movement (which hasn't been experimented with).

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Mako and SandboxFlattener (obviously).

Please ask questions about and/or comment MakoHT

From Kawigi - I like this collaborative effort robot-writing thing. It was an afternoon activity to make PEZ's next-best robot beat his best. I joked with PEZ that if we start releasing robots into the rumble under the wiki package, we'd have to give them a new flag to put for those collaborative robots. Maybe the perl Camel (because the wiki web program was written in Perl) or just the Java cup logo (for obvious robocode-related reasons), or maybe just a combination between the 5 or 6 flags representing us (for MakoHT I was imagining a Swedish flag with 50 stars in the top-left quadrant).

Seems a bit premature to use the "HT" name, SandboxDT has no trouble hitting it... :-P --David Alves

It's at least premature to call it "HTMTTHY" (Hit This More Than This Hits You), at least against SandboxDT. I think it keeps DT down to around 15% hit rate at 300-350 away, and under 10% hit rate if he's much further than that. You could assist us with one of your graphing robots, though :-) -- Kawigi

Hardly premature. It expresses an intention. -- PEZ

Looks very promising, my current targeting has a lot of trouble hitting it... The funny thing is that I had a similar idea when I (re)started working on Tron(1.3+), I was going to call it Tron.TT (Target This). I'm yet to dedicate some serious time to my movement idea though, I still have some tweaking to do with my targeting, and Tron's current 1on1 movement is effective enough for now, it beats most of the top 1on1 bots in a 1000x1000 battlefield, as it was designed with the end of a melee battle in mind... -- ABC

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