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     I started Robocoding in 2006, but haven't produced anything good yet... I'm just starting again (2008) and am hoping to do a bit better ;)
     As I've recently found out, the name ProjectX has been used for many a things, so I'm changing my syntax to PX.

My Bots

              > [ProjectNano 2]?.0
              > TestNano? 1.0

              > ProjectNano (oups, wasn't a nano)

              > none!

              > none!


      Machines: Wired For War
              > Development of Machines 2 under way. Programmers needed!
              > Free game download. (Machines Demo and even the FULL version! also: Mods and patches )
              > http://www.WiredForWar.org

Welcome to the wiki! Cool to see you are already posting your first entrant to the RoboRumble. Feel free to post questions if/when you have them. =)

I do have one request, though - could you compile your tanks at Java 5 compatibility level? Some of us don't run Java 6 yet and it means your tank will always get a 0 score on those clients (like mine). The RoboRumble server ignores 0 scores, which is good for correct ratings, but it also means Java 5 clients continue churning away at your tank without actually contributing battles for it.

-- Voidious

Welcome to the world of Nanos! -- Simonton

So a score of zero does not affect your standing/score in the rumble? I'll try to compile with Java 5.(How do I do this? Would I need to download the JDK 1.5.0 ?) --ProjectX

You don't need the JDK 1.5.0 or so, there must be some compilerflag that you can set. That way your Java 6 will compile with Java 5 compatibility. -- GrubbmGait

I'll look for a way to do it, but if anyone already knows, let me know! (I use NetBeans 5.5.1 IDE) Would it work if I just used Robocode's compiler? --ProjectX

If you use Robocode's compiler, add "-T5" in the 'options' in the 'compiler preferences'. for NetBeans i'm not sure, but i'm pretty sure -T5 is the flag --Starrynte

The robocode compiler says this : "-deprecation -g -Xstdout +T4" under compiler options, should I change it to +T5 ? and will this solve the problem? -- ProjectX

I *think* it should. (srri it wasn't -T5) Or if you use eclipse, when you make a new project just say 'use project-specific compiler' and set it to whatever has 5.0 in it --Starrynte

If you drop the -g you'll gain an instruction or two for CodeSize. -- Simonton

To compile with Java-5 compatibility, just add -target 1.5 to your compiler options. -- Skilgannon

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