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** Oh, well, I see why in my case (I should've known). I didn't see the installer when I double clicked the jar in Linux, so I just extracted it myself and then unzipped the extract.jar. I guess the installer sets up the roborumble dir? -- Voidious

Welcome to the wiki! =) How about posting some info about yourself and your bots? And feel free to post questions, as I think we tend to be a fairly helpful bunch. Cheers, -- Voidious

Thanks for the very warm welcome! I'll get round to formatting this properly later, when I have more time, but for now: I'm still a student, maths being my favourite subject (relationship to RoboCode there obvious). My first decent robot was eventbot, an attempt at using an event manager, and my current robot is Omega (omega1 actually, but that's just because I didn't realise that the version number was added when packaging ;) It's hovering around 1500 rating in RR@H (is that good/bad? I don't really know what that correlates to) and as soon as I can get my new wall avoidance systems running (Omega currently has no wall avoidance, and my test version currently works half the time, and goes crazy before crashing the other half) I'll be updating Omega.

I'm also interested in looking at TeamRobots?, since that seems like an area where people haven't already discovered everything interesting.

BTW, with the 1.5 beta RoboCode, I can't make RoboRumble actually work - whenever I run the RoboRumble bat file, the command prompt comes up, then exits (I'm using XP). Any ideas? -- CharlieN

Welcome! 1500 is pretty good for a first bot (the rumble adapts to get an 'average' of 1600). Feel free to take a look at RandomMovementBot for an idea of how to do a very effective wall avoidance method. And I gotta agree with you about TeamRobots?, that section of the rumble is very underdeveloped. I'm not sure about the 1.5 rumble problem, I'm using 1.4.9 for rumble (or I will, when I get all my stuff moved into the new house). -- Skilgannon

Skilgannon: Just checked it with 1.4.9, exactly the same. This is irratating me now. -- CharlieN

Could you edit the .bat file, and put pause on a new line at the end, so we can see what the error is? Probably something fairly mundane. -- Skilgannon

Ok, having loaded it in the prompt, it seems that the essential problem is the lack of a roborumble folder. The robocode installation saved the txt files under config, and moving them throws exceptions that files/codesize1v1.txt and the 4 ratings files are missing. If anyone has ideas on rectifying that, or could upload their roborumble folder, that would be great - I've got to put all these spare cycles to work.

BTW, the page Omega seems to be dead, what would be the stance on taking over the page for Omega to bot?-- CharlieN

I say go for it. All the links are dead and nobody actually links to that page, from what I can see. A little research reveals that Omega was a previous bot-programming game. If we really want it to have a page on the new wiki, we can easily make a disambiguation page to distinguish it from your bot. -- Voidious

If Voidious says it's ok, it's ok. -- Simonton

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