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A new version is in the works, rewritten from scratch. This is just a snapshot of the pages for version 0.1.4.

Current version: 0.1.4

You can it at: http://davidalves.net/robocode/gl/

/BugReporting? /FeatureRequests? /HowTo?

Original discussion thread: http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/forum/robocode.nsf/current/18D7E9AD6A41C731C1CC01061E00D0FD?OpenDocument

-- PEZ

Um... The list of bugfixes says the aspect ratio bug was fixed, but I am using version 0.1.4 which according to the website is the latest version, and the aspect ratio is still messed up when I use a battlefield larger than 800x600. It scales it down as if the window was no bigger than 800x600 even though the window size is in fact 1000x1000. Was this bug fixed? Am I missing a download somewhere? -- Vuen

I have the same problem. -- nano

How do I draw onscreen with this? - Dil

The source for the DuelistMicroGL? is open. You can take a look into it to see how it draws in the screen. -- Albert

I found it, I used it(kinda), but then my comiler gave this error: Compiling...

Found 2 semantic errors compiling "D:/robocode/robocode/robocodeGL/RenderElement?.java":

     9. import gl4java.GLFunc;

    73.     public synchronized void drawStrings(GLFunc gl) {

Found 4 semantic errors compiling "D:/robocode/robots/bark8/Dotdraw?.java":

     5. import robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer;

     5. import robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer;

    33.         p.setPosition(400,300);

    33.         p.setPosition(400,300);
Compile Failed (1)

How do I fix it? -- Dil

I don't know how you are compiling, but you need to add gl4java to your classpath. Using javac, you do it this way:

 javac -cp .;gl4java.jar;robocode.jar;<other paths> <files to compile>
Hope that helps. -- nano

Found where to put it. Thanks, nano. -- Dil

I'm trying to install gl4java and it asks for the paths to the "java classes", "java native-libs" and "os native-libs". What paths should i put? I've tried to guess, and it installs fine, but nothing will compile afterwards... -- Tango

I'm a n00b from Edwin's java class, and I was wondering how(now I have it installed fine) to draw circles, squares, lines and dots. Could you please help me?

Look at the sempleGl folder there you can find some examples. --SSO

There's also a page somewhere here... I think it's HowToMakeNiceAimingGraphics... And upon previewing, surprisingly I got that right! First try, too. Man, I am getting too acquainted with this wiki... -- Vuen

I am having a really bad time trying to run RobocodeGLV014 here... Can someone give me a hand? After installing it + GL4Java, i have tryied to run the DemoBotGL?, but all that i've got is:

Round 1 of 10
SYSTEM: An error occurred during initialization of sampleGL.DemoBotGL
SYSTEM: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: robocode/robocodeGL/RenderElement
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: robocode/robocodeGL/RenderElement
    at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructors0(Native Method)
    at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredConstructors(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    at robocode.battle.Battle.unsafeLoadRobots(Battle.java:1311)
    at robocode.battle.Battle.run(Battle.java:133)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Using JRE 1.4.1_04.
I'm running it using: java -Xmx256M robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode
from the dir F:\Java\robocode (my robocode root dir), and that class exists at F:\Java\robocode\robocode\robocodeGL\RenderElement?.class.
I must be doing something increadebly stupid, probably missing a classpath, but it doesn't makes sense to me... Thnx, for any help -- Axe

My robocode.bat looks like this:

 java -classpath .;gl4java.jar -Xmx256M robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode
Make sure you have the robocode directory (".") and gl4java.jar in your classpath, either on the command line or in the CLASSPATH environment variable. Hope that helps! -- nano

Thanks for trying nano, but the result is the same... Does anybody have other idea? -- Axe

Did you extract your robocode.jar before and then robocodeGL on top of it? I'm not sure what the deal is... -- Kawigi

(edit conflict!)Stupid, stupid stupid!! One week lost: I've got a robocode.jar at jre/lib/ext/ ! So i was running actually the non-gl robocode! As i use to say: The problem is usually between the chair and the keyboard :P. Thanks everybody anyway. Btw: Amazing that graphs... Let's see now if it would help me on my new AM bot. I have a guess that it would be like a blind man seeing for the first time! -- Axe

Could someone please write a /HowTo? page on this? I'm stuck and can't compile any GL stuff. -- PEZ

What I would like is for some one to jar the whole RobocodeGLV014 think up into a jar file that I could download and install and use in place of the current jar file. If you could add the JavaGL? libs into the jar an figure out the manifest so all I need to do is start and point to the jar you would be my hero. David? -- jim

I'll give it a shot. My .jar expertise is limited to renaming *.zip to *.jar though. :-p --David Alves

Good work Jim! David was getting awfully close to Tityus with his bots. Now he's distracted for a while. =) -- PEZ

What?! Oooooooohhhhh Tityus is in for it now! ;-) --David Alves

Mission accomplished, now maybe I can take a look at jarring it up after work today. :-) --David Alves

Yeah, please do. I now know how to save some 400 bytes in Tityus and maybe I can use those bytes for something interesting. =) -- PEZ

Alright, I have made RobocodeGLV014 foolproof. If there's ANYONE out there that has yet to try RobocodeGLV014 because they had problems installing it, this is for you.

The first file should go in your robocode directory, so that it has access to your robot jar files. The second file should go in WINDOWS\system32 or WINNT\system32 if you are running Windows, or otherwise, should be placed on your PATH somewhere (I'm not sure the default locations for files like this in OSX or Linux). Then, if running Windows, you may simply double-click robocodeGL.jar, or run "java -jar robocodeGL.jar" from the robocode directory. Tada!

If you have any problems with these instructions, let me know! It should be fixable. Oh, and PEZ, if you'd like to mirror these files, that'd be awesome. Thanks! -- nano

Oh, forgot to mention, when compiling bots to use RobocodeGLV014, simply including robocodeGL.jar on your classpath should work. -- nano

ALSO. That DLL file is specifically for Java 1.4. If you need a different version, let me know and I'll post it. -- nano

The install simply rocks. I had this up and running in less than a minute. Great work nano -- jim

I'm beginning to thing a large hammer might come in handy...

Caching resources java.io.FileNotFoundException: robocode\robocodeGL\arial.glf (The system cannot find the path specified)
        at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
        at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.system.FileCache.<init>(FileCache.java:21)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer.startup(GLRenderer.java:88)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode.main(Robocode.java:32)

What is a glf file, anyway?

-- Tango

It's short for GL Font. You probably have arial.glf around somewhere from your other GL installs. Try adding it to the jar in the location indicated by the error message. -- PEZ

Nano I'll be happy to mirror those files. But I'll just wait a little while so we can iron out any obvious problems with them. I'm the lazy type you know. Also consider making a page for this /Packaged? or something. Then you can upload the files to the repository and post the download link on that page. Also... That .dll file. If it's included in the jar and you also include a .bat file that modifies the PATH variable before launcing robocodeGL you could make the install even easier maybe. -- PEZ

The file's there at robocodeGL.jar\robocode\robocodeGL. It looks like that's where it's trying to find it. -- Tango

I'm still not sure if the regular robocode dir still must be named robocode. Have you tried that? -- PEZ

Yes, the robocode dir is c:\robocodeGL\robocode now. Is there any way to find out what the current dir is when is refers to "robocode\robocodeGL\arial.glf"? When I extract the jar, i get a path: "C:\robocodeGL\robocode\robocodeGL\robocode\robocodeGL\arial.glf" which is lots of robocodes and robocodeGLs, so I'm not entirely sure where it's looking. -- Tango

Okay, that's a stupid error on my part. I ran the jar file from my robocode directory and I still had the robocodeGL stuff extracted to that directory, so it was able to find arial.glf without problems. What you want, Tango, is to extract robocodeGL.jar to the base Robocode directory, where robocode.bat and robocode.properties and the robots directory exist. Looks like you have one too many "robocode\robocodeGL" pairs up there. It should probably read "C:\robocodeGL\robocode\robocodeGL", assuming that "C:\robocodeGL\robocode.bat" and "C:\robocodeGL\robots" exist there. Try that maybe? -- nano

OKAY! Since I was an IDIOT before, THIS time I actually did a clean robocode installation and built up from there. I was able to get it working with a simple installation (I hope):

This zip file contains the robocodeGL.jar that I created above, in addition to a few directories and files that RobocodeGLV014 requires, and the GL4Java DLL, with a batch file that sets the path. THEREFORE, you should be able to simply unzip the contents of robocodeGL.zip into a clean robocode installation, and run robocodeGL.bat. If all seems well, then someone could always add a .sh script to the zip file for Mac OSX and Linux. Here's hoping! -- nano

In fact, I just uploaded a new version of that zip file that contains a robots directory and the sample robots. What this means is that that zip file is now a barebones Robocode installation with RobocodeGLV014 included. I hope! Try it out for me. -- nano

It runs!! :-) One minor problem though. The battlefield is displayed on top of the menus, so I can't actually start any battles... -- Tango

Well, it does seem to work sometimes, and when it doesn't, I can just about work from memory using the keyboard, so I'll go with it. Well done, and thank you!!! :-) -- Tango

Well that behaviour with menus under the battle field I have with RobocodeGLV014 too. I haev found that if you pull down the menu without releasing the mouse button and drag down a few pixels to where the "New" item should be, and then release it works. I haven't even thought about trying from the keyboard. Good idea!

nano, a .sh script doesn't really cut it. That .dll file is Windows specific. I don't know about Linux, but I have never got RCGL to be stable on MacOSX. The gl4java OSX port is discontinued so I think there's little hope there. But if David manages to get it running with Java3D we might be talking again.

-- PEZ

True that, didn't think about it. Java3D would be a good idea. As to the menus behind the battlefield, I have experienced that problem, and when I do a fresh robocode install I have that problem, however, in my main Robocode installation this doesn't happen, even when I change it to use robocodeGL.jar. I'll have to track this down. -- nano

Don't waste too much time on the menu's thing. Better put the bug and the workarounds in a readme-file in that zip. -- PEZ

Ok, I've got it all working, so I am now trying to write some debug code using it. I can draw the waves on, but I can't remove them, is there something I'm missing? -- Tango

Have you tried the way I do it in PugilistGL? I just make sure I use the same set of render elements for the life of the wave and not recreating them for each redraw. -- PEZ

That is how I do it, I mean I can't remove them when they hit the enemy. At the moment I just move them off screen. -- Tango

I just call remove() on each render element. Doesn't work for you? -- PEZ

I just didn't know such a method existed. It all works now, thanks. -- Tango

There's a folder in the RobocodeGLV014 distribution named "api". It's the Javadoc for it. Maybe you knew that, but anyway. -- PEZ

If you are not using RobocodeGLV014 yet you should really consider it. I have it working now for projecting my movement, displaying my wall avoidance choices, displaying my waves, and displaying projected impact points. Of those four things, I immediately found three were buggy. Do not underestimate the power of finally being able to "see" what your bot is "thinking". It truly is a powerful tool. Thanks David & nano -- jim

Very cool indeed, I've finally installed RobocodeGLV014 and it's a great tool. My enemyWaves are 100% aligned afterall. :) -- ABC

Maybe i am more stupid then a fool but i'm still not able to run RobocodeGLV014. I unziped the file and when i try to start it i get this.
D:\Programme\robocodeGL>java -Xmx256M -jar robocodeGL.jar
Caching resources .Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/imageio/ImageIO
        at robocode.robocodeGL.system.TextureCache.loadData(TextureCache.java:97)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.system.TextureCache.<init>(TextureCache.java:40)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer.startup(GLRenderer.java:91)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode.main(Robocode.java:32)
I this because of java 1.3 ??? --deathcon

Might be. The java4gl file in that zip archive is for java 1.4 only. Besides, you should use the .bat file instead of manually starting java like that. It sets your environment up for you so the likelihood of succes increases. With Java 1.3 I think it won't work anyway. Why don't you install Java 1.4? -- PEZ

I didnt start i directly but using the .bat file.
i cannot install java 1.4 on my computer. everytime i want to start the install file my win98 throws an exception. Yeah i know nothing works.

"... my win98..." I think I've isolated the source of your problem. ;-) --David Alves

Horror! -- PEZ

98SE is your friend -- Kuuran

98 may be old, but's a good OS. It was basically a giant bugfix for 95, without much new, so it's very stable, probably the best inbetween 3.1 and XP. Java 1.4 should run on it, if you do it right. I can't see any reason for it not working. What kind of exceptions does it throw? -- Tango

Here is the exception.

J2SDK-1_4_2-WINDOWS-I586 verursachte einen Fehler durch eine ungültige Seite
in Modul J2SDK-1_4_2-WINDOWS-I586.EXE bei 016f:00439000.
EAX=00439000 CS=016f EIP=00439000 EFLGS=00010a86
EBX=00560000 SS=0177 ESP=0066fe3c EBP=0066ff78
ECX=819b0508 DS=0177 ESI=819b04e8 FS=4e17
EDX=819b0548 ES=0177 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
2e 0f 70 8d 5e a3 23 37 35 be e0 5c 57 f6 e1 f0 
bff8b560 00000000 819b04e8 00560000 6473324a 5f312d6b 2d325f34 646e6977 2d73776f 36383569 45584500 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 
Translated: j2SDK-1_4... causes an error because of a not valid site.Sorry i have no idea what stapelwerte is in english.
@tango: sorry but i have to disagree. you really cant call win98 stable.
I know that its not good but i had not have the time to config my linux which i have installed some months ago. --deathcon

Win98 may not be stable, but compared to other windows versions, it's pretty good. That exception doesn't look good... it does look more like an OS issue than anything else, to me. Maybe you should find the time to config you linux, it would probably save time in the future. -- Tango

I got it. I just installed java 1.4.2_04 on my linux AND win98. Under win98 robocodeGL, RR@Home and bots that didn't want to run with java 1.3 are running. Trying to do same with linux. -- happy deathcon

I've been looking at the RenderElements? that come with RobocodeGLV014 because I need to convert them for use with my MiniMap, and they look like they need remaking. Generally speaking they work fine, but they are untidy (eg. PointGL? has no constuctor, LineGL? has no sensible returns, etc.). Therefore, I am going to redo them, and I wanted to see what the community had to say about it. Would you like my versions released? Do you have an views on what they should be called? etc. -- Tango

Sounds like a fine idea to me, I'd suggest you send them back to David and call them "PointGL?", "LineGL?", etc. -- Kawigi

If they have the same name, they would need to be backwards compatable. I don't think that would be too hard, but it needs consideration. -- Tango

Now I'm Having problems and none of the stuff on this page works for me. It's not that I cant install it, I've got that great. DuelistMicroGL? works, but I can't Compile anything. Look:


Issued 1 system warning:

*** Warning: The file "gl4java.jar" does not exist or else is not a valid zip file.

Found 4 semantic errors compiling "D:/robocode/robots/bdii/WaveGrapher.java":

     6. import robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer;
*** Error: You need to modify your classpath, sourcepath, bootclasspath, and/or extdirs setup. Package "gl4java/awt" could not be found in:
                C:\PROGRAM FILES\JAVA\J2RE1.4.2_02\lib\rt.jar

     6. import robocode.robocodeGL.system.GLRenderer;
*** Error: Type gl4java/awt/GLCanvas was not found.

    67.                     p.remove();
*** Error: You need to modify your classpath, sourcepath, bootclasspath, and/or extdirs setup. Package "gl4java" could not be found in:
                C:\PROGRAM FILES\JAVA\J2RE1.4.2_02\lib\rt.jar

    67.                     p.remove();
*** Error: Type gl4java/GLFunc was not found.
Compile Failed (1)
Any Ideas how to fix it? -- Nantuko Primus

Oh, thanks Vic. --Nantuko Primus

Menu bugfix

I have found a way to solve the Menubar problem. In the top of the constructor for robocode.battleview.BattleView? I have inserted the line


This should show the menus on top of the battlefield. -- Giddy

Fun thing is that I don't have any trouble with that on MacOSX. -- Jonathan

Does anyone have experience with custom RenderElement?s? They compile fine, but the robot's ClassLoader? tries to find gl4java.GLFunc in robocode/robots/. Is there another workaround than putting them in robocode.robocodeGL? I didn't experiment with the ClassLoader? yet, but I'll probably be held back by the SecurityManager?. -- Jonathan

The following part of EventHandler?.mouseClicked(MouseEvent? e) in GLRenderer.java is pretty useless.

 Object o = getParent();
 while(!(o instanceof BattleView?)){
 o = ((Component) o).getParent();
 BattleView? battleView = (BattleView?) o;
My slightly modified RGL only does
 if(e.getClickCount?() == 2) GLPreferencesDialog?.showPreferences(); 
-- Jonathan

Planning a new version David? Good news, this is one of the most (if not the most) amazing RC-tools ever! Please let me know if u need any help... -- Axe

Thanks for the offer Axe, I'll let you know if I need anything. --David Alves

Help! Those links are broken! Where can I get a fully-functional version of RobocodeGL? BTW, your user registration system is very confusing. -- Alphax

What user registration system? -- PEZ

Exactly. Well, Wikipedia's is a lot easier... anyway, the links up the page to robocodeGL.jar et. al. are severely broken. Where can I get a version that is easy to install? -- Alphax

But since we have no user registration system it is pretty easy, in'it? =) I have no problems with downoading the jar from http://davidalves.net/robocode/gl/ ... -- PEZ

That site only has the zip file - what about nano's all-in-one version, in a JAR? -- Alphax

If someone wants to send me Nano's JAR I'll post it. Send it to [myname]@[myname].com. If nobody has the jar then I can help guide you through the process of installing it. --David Alves

Is taht that u want?: http://www.axe.hpgvip.ig.com.br/pub/robocode/robocodeGL.jar -- Axe

Thanks. Now, where to get a complete gl4java install for Win32, J2SDK 1.4? -- Alphax

Link is in David's download and at the page of the original RobocodeGL: http://www.jausoft.com/gl4java.html -- Jonathan

I found that yesterday, I'll try and get the installer working... otherwise, is there a complete installation for Win32? As in, 1 download? OK, found it at SourceForge? - it's not very well documented that glxyz.12345678.jar.xyz.123456789.zip is the actual file needed. -- Alphax

And has anybody any clue about running this on Linux? I know that there is a Linux version of the Jausofts gl4java, but it keeps bailing out with "at gl4java.GLContext.gljMakeCurrentNative?(Native Method)" on the top of the backtrace :( --lRem

I'm no linux expert, but I think you have to compile Mesa first to get the native opengl calls working... have you done this? --David Alves

I thought it was the computer I was running it on, but now I'm certain: something is wrong with what I've done. Here is the error I keep getting:

D:\robocode>java -Xmx256M robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: gljFetchGLFunctions
        at gl4java.GLContext.gljFetchGLFunctions(Native Method)
        at gl4java.GLContext.doLoadNativeLibraries(GLContext.java:896)
        at gl4java.awt.GLCanvas.<clinit>(GLCanvas.java:178)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode.main(Robocode.java:32)
And using the pre-pack that Axe gave me a link to:
D:\robocode>java -Xmx256M -jar robocodeGL.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: gljFetchGLFunctions
        at gl4java.GLContext.gljFetchGLFunctions(Native Method)
        at gl4java.GLContext.doLoadNativeLibraries(GLContext.java:896)
        at gl4java.awt.GLCanvas.<clinit>(GLCanvas.java:178)
        at robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode.main(Robocode.java:32)
The problem is in gl4java.jar - where should it be, and what should I do with it? -- Alphax

I´m not sure if i understood your question, but I think that your problem is that your problem is that u haven´t gl4java.jar in your classpath...
You will need it in your classpath for compiling (for example: i use eclipse, and i have added to it´s project classpath robocode.jar, robocodeGL.jar AND gl4java.jar) and running RobocodeGL. This is the my robocodeGL.bat:

E:\Programs\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin\java -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -classpath .;.\robocode\robocodeGL\;gl4java.jar -Xmx256M robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode
I dont remember why im using jre 1.4.1_02 to run it, but (probably) it isnt important... The important is that i have gl4java.jar in my classpath.
PS: robocode.jar, robocodeGL.jar & gl4java.jar are in my robocode dir... Hope that this will help u. RobocodeGL is somewhat painfull to install, but when u acomplish it, i promiss that u won´t regret! -- Axe

@Alphax: Did it work? Remember that the gl4java install also have some .dll.. "See if you have opengl32.dll AND glu32.dll installed in your library path (c:/winnt/system32 OR c:/windows/system)". see http://www.jausoft.com/gl4java.html for more info... -- Axe

I'll try it tonight. -- Alphax

Ok, I've got all the DLL's installed in half a dozen locations, but it still won't work... someone PLEASE give me a complete set of instructions on how to do a clean install of this thing! I've got glu32.dll and opengl32.dll in my System directory, and things still aren't working... -- Alphax

I have glu32.dll and opengl32.dll in my System32 directory. I further use JDK 1.4.0 for RobocodeGL. I can't get it to work under JDK 1.4.2... Could these be the differences? --Loki

I've tried under JDK 1.4.1_01 and 1.4.2_03, neither seemed to work. Maybe if I get Java 1.5, but that doesn't have a GL4Java library written yet.

Anyway, where do the native GL4Java libraries (.dlls etc) need to go, and do they need to be in the classpath, or the containing folder, or what? -- Alphax

My gl.bat looks like so:

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program\Java\j2re1.4.2_03
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\rrjava -Xmx256M -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false robocode.robocodeGL.Robocode
(rrjava is my HyperThreading safe java executable) I think all my gl4java stuff is in the %JAVA_HOME%\lib\ext dir. Like so:
 Volymen i enhet C har etiketten SYS
 Volymens serienummer är ECD8-6FFC

 Innehåll i katalogen C:\Program\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\lib\ext

2004-03-10  12:27    <KAT>          .
2004-03-10  12:27    <KAT>          ..
2003-11-19  18:12             8 896 dnsns.jar
2004-03-10  11:37           617 012 gl4java-glffonts.jar
2004-03-10  11:37           120 802 gl4java-glutfonts.jar
2004-03-10  11:37           226 519 gl4java.jar
2004-03-10  11:37            73 728 GL4JavaGljMSJDirect.dll
2004-03-10  11:37           462 848 GL4JavaJauGljJNI.dll
2004-03-10  11:37           389 120 GL4JavaJauGljJNI12.dll
2004-03-10  11:37           393 216 GL4JavaJauGljJNI13.dll
2004-03-10  11:37           417 792 GL4JavaJauGljJNI14.dll
2003-11-19  18:16            53 248 ldapsec.jar
2004-03-10  11:37            54 181 png.jar
2003-12-18  10:09           111 374 sunjce_provider.jar
              12 fil(er)           2 928 736 byte
               2 katalog(er)     525 602 816 byte ledigt

Sorry if some of that is in Swedish... Naturally not all of that belongs to gl4java. But I think maybe the time stamps can guide you... Want me to zip these files up for you?

-- PEZ

To make your installation of robocodeGL even easier...my installation differs a bit from the above. I have the GL4JavaJau?*.dll's in my \j2sdk1.4.0.\bin directory and the gl4java*.jar's, like PEZ, in the \j2sdk1.4.0.\lib\ext directory. --Loki

Sorry, Alphax... My ideas ended... But one thing is for sure: RobocodeGL is awesome, but it's instalation is awful... Hopefully the new David's version will make this easier. -- Axe

So, ah, when's this new version coming? -- Alphax

Meaning it doesn't work if you arrange the files like I showed above? -- PEZ

No. -- Alphax

Tried make a fresh install of, say, Java 1.4.2_03, and move the gl4java files above to its lib/ext directory and use my gl.bat? -- PEZ

No. What does the

thingy do? -- Alphax

it's a bugfix for a "java.security.AccessControlException?" that appeared in Java 1.4.2 when reading/writing to files. see http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/bugParade/bugs/4895132.html for more detail. --Loki

Edit conflict: It dodges the JRE 1.4.2 SecurityException Bug. -- PEZ

Well, I give up. Start new discussion below the horizontal line -- Alphax

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