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Shall we begin the voting for the TC2K7 reference bots? I suggested we each vote for 5 surfers and 5 non-surfers and the bots with the most total votes are the reference bots; nobody argued with that at the time, so let's go ahead with it. =) If anybody would prefer doing it a different way, feel free to speak up...

Here's the final /VotingResults page with averages added in.

Bot & LinkAuthorType[Ugluk][Dookious 1.25][GrubbmGrb][Seraphim dev43][Che 1.2MC][Chalk 2.5.N.MC]Average
[Grid 11.27]MartinRM36.89 4.74 10.24 4.5 14.70 5.68 12.79
[DuelistMicro 2.0 movement (non-surfer)]David AlvesRM12.36 7.9012.13 10.04 20.23 11.90 12.43
[FortuneHT 1.0]KevRM22.04 12.92 20.93 16.84 28.79 20.14 20.28
[FortuneRM 1.0]KevRM17.32 14.29 17.29 16.28 26.82 16.31 18.05
[FortuneGT 1.0]KevRM20.49 11.78 19.15 18.54 25.08 14.65 18.28
[Fortune 1.0]KevMM19.78 18.43 23.01 20.19 26.41 18.92 21.12
[GrubbmGrb 1.2.4]GrubbmGaitOSC19.17 8.06 24.79 14.14 28.97 11.66 17.80
[Cigaret 1.31TC] Iiley RM 15.23 10.89 27.63 10.79 32.70 11.28 18.09
[RaikoMicro 1.44TC] Jamougha RM 21.49 15.67 19.60 20.26 24.92 17.25 19.87
[Archer 0.6.6TC] Ph RM 17.40 11.68 15.16 17.08 20.68 14.68 16.11
[WeekendObsession 1.6.3TC] Simonton RM 19.10 12.30 14.56 12.94 24.60 12.71 16.04
[WeeklongObsession 1.5TC] Simonton RM 21.56 8.43 20.73 21.13 29.00 13.50 19.06
[Komarious_1.705TC]VoidiousWS30.10 12.38 47.35 18.2 35.13 13.25 26.07
[Dookious 1.462TC]VoidiousWS 39.81 24.92 44.87 37.98 38.39 32.77 36.46
[WeeksOnEnd 1.10TC]SimontonWS35.84 17.96 45.88 35.78 34.89 27.05 32.90
[Seraphim 0.052MC]Chase-san WS 30.76 22.22 45.86 28.46 30.60 27.55 30.91
[WaveSerpent 1.221TC] Kev WS 32.59 12.10 52.64 30.71 29.84 27.22 30.85
[Chalk 2.5.N.TC] Corbos WS/DC 38.08 36.60 49.28 35.37 37.37 32.17 38.15
[Shadow 3.66dTC] ABC WS/DC 39.36 32.32 40.79 34.13 33.41 36.42 36.07
[RaikoMX 0.32TC] Jamougha WS 29.67 15.39 49.66 25.52 32.80 28.24 30.21
[Cyanide 1.80.bTC] Alcatraz WS 25.49 21.86 51.06 23.30 30.46 23.97 29.36
[CassiusClay 2pi.08TC] PEZ WS 38.77 28.62 57.89 25.43 38.59 29.09 36.40
Average: 26.51 16.43 32.30 21.71 29.29 20.29

Personally, I also think it's important to consider the individual scores, diversity in the movement types of the reference bots, as well as execution speed (especially on the surfers). I guess I'll set these tables up with the bots along the left so that we might avoid horizontal scrolling... Just put X's in the cells for the bots you are voting for. -- Voidious


Bot Name Voidious Starrynte Chase-san GrubbmGait Kev Nfwu Krabb Corbos David Alves ...
Grid 11.27
DuelistMicro 2.0 XXX XX X
FortuneHT? 1.0 X X X X
FortuneRM? 1.0
FortuneGT? 1.0
Fortune 1.0 X XXXXXX
GrubbmGrb 1.2.4 X XX X
Cigaret 1.31 X X X
RaikoMicro 1.44XXXXXXXXX
Archer 0.6.6 XX X
WeekendObsession X X
WeeklongObsession XXX XXXX


Bot Name Voidious Starrynte Chase-san Kev GrubbmGait Nfwu Krabb Corbos David Alves ...
Komarious 1.705 X XX
Dookious 1.462 XX X
WeeksOnEnd 1.10 X XXX X
Seraphim 0.052
WaveSerpent 1.221 X XX XX
Chalk 2.5.N X X X X
Shadow 3.66d XXXXX XX
RaikoMX 0.32 X XX XXXX
Cyanide 1.80.b XXX
CassiusClay 2pi.08 XXXXXXX X

I think it should go without saying, but I hope there are no hard feelings on who votes for what - the goal is to end up with the best TargetingChallenge we can so that we can all improve our guns! -- Voidious

I personally have to much love for Shadow, sorry there Chalk, its the DT of this generation and I think overall its movement is better. I would of entered Genesis but something is whacky with its surfing movement, will have to wait till next year (when hopefully the problem will be solved). --Chase-san

So, so far for WS the reference bots are:


Yep, all of them seem like fine choices to me. =) Hey Kev, you still thinking about the non-surfers? I say we leave the voting up for at least a week or two - I think it would be good to get input from as many people as possible, and not everyone checks on the wiki as often as some of us do. ;) -- Voidious

Maybe edit the front page and changes page to display that there is voting going on for this. --Chase-san

Could we make speed test for every reference bot? I like to have a fast TargetingChallenge2K7 :) I remember CC beeing quite slow... --Krabb

The good bots are slow, mostly because of how much processing they do. Fast 2k7 wasn't the goal, and people ahve already voted. --Chase-san

Well, fast is definitely one of my goals in voting (which is why I'm not voting for Dookious). The surfers will always be slower than the non-surfers, unfortunately. For a surfer, I think CC is actually among the faster ones - I did some minor speed tests before (for some of them) and posted the results on the TargetingChallenge2K7 page. I look at it this way: when you're tuning your gun for general RoboRumble rating, you can just skip the surfers altogether; when you're tuning your gun to hit surfers, you just have to bite the bullet and have some slower reference bots to get it right... -- Voidious

Hey Nfwu - I noticed you voted for 6 non-surfers and 4 surfers, but were going to have it split as 5 votes for each category =) And then 5 of each in the final 10. -- Voidious

Not that I'm tring to win any votes (really, I'm not), but WeeksOnEnd comes packaged with some nice wave-danger graphics and score % summary output that I have found useful for movement testing (and I'm sure would also be useful for targeting testing). -- Simonton

Looks as though CassiusClay is definitely gonna be in, as will be RaikoMicro. Shadow and Fortune 1.0 are looking likely aswell. --Chase-san

@Voidious: Thanks for that. I must sleep earlier =) --Nfwu

Wait just a frozen frog! Cyanide 1.80.b? 1.9 has been out, well, a long time. Oh well, nothing we can do now, I should keep a better eye on the versions. --Chase-san

Actually, I had checked and the movement hasn't changed since 1.80.b (according to version history), so I posted the same version as last year just for clarity. -- Voidious

Thats good to know, I was worried. --Chase-san

I like Voidious votes :) (Just copied them) --Krabb

Added my votes. --David Alves

Shall we set the cutoff as next Friday night for voting on this? As we will have this challenge around for a while, I think it's good to err on the side of more time for voting. (Though I am itching to get started on tuning my gun again... =)) -- Voidious

Sounds good, but I think we'll need some more voting/discussion after that for tie breaking. -- Kev

Changed 1 vote in each section after some (rough) testing -- Nfwu

I guess the time is up on the voting here, eh? Here's the totals:


Grid: 0
* DuelistMicro: 6
** FortuneHT: 4
FortuneRM: 0
FortuneGT: 0
* Fortune 1.0: 7
** GrubbmGrb: 4
Cigaret: 3
* RaikoMicro: 9
Archer: 3
WeekendObsession: 2
* WeeklongObsession: 7


Komarious: 3
Dookious: 3
* WeeksOnEnd: 5
Seraphim: 0
* WaveSerpent: 5
Chalk: 4
* Shadow: 7
* RaikoMX: 7
Cyanide: 3
* CassiusClay: 8
So we just need to decide on GrubbmGrb or FortuneHT? as the last non-surfer. Other than that, the list would be:

I look forward to tuning my gun against this new set of reference bots. =) We just need to vote on the last non-surfer now...

-- Voidious

We could also directly ask Chase-san, as he is the only one that did not vote on one of the bots below. -- GrubbmGait

FortuneHT? 1.0 GrubbmGrb 1.2.4
Voidious X
GrubbmGait X
Kev X
Starrynte X
Nfwu X

I would prefer seeing GrubbmGrb in the challenge rather than FortuneHT? for two reasons. First off, the movement of FortuneHT? is one of the movement modes in Fortune, so the movement will still be in the challenge even if FortuneHT? isn't in itself. Secondly, I think GrubbmGrb represents a more "typical" movement than FortuneHT?; SandboxFlattener movement is a pretty distinctive and uncommon type of movement. -- Kev

I was not aware of that, so my initial vote would go to DuelistMicro instead of FortuneHT?. Although I don't like voting on my own bot, I have no choice in this case. -- GrubbmGait

Shall we just let this go over the weekend before finalizing it? We could almost just close it as GrubbmGrb right now, as it seems to be winning in a landslide, but no need to rush it... -- Voidious

I say GrubbmGrb aswell, only need one Fortune in it. --Chase-san

Like Grubb said, Chase-san was the only person that didn't choose precisely 1 of those two bots, thus indicating a preference between them; with Grubb changing his vote and Chase-san voicing support for GrubbmGrb, it's definitely decided. So the final list is this:

I'll setup / re-organize the TC2K7 pages tonight or tomorrow unless someone else gets to it first. I guess my one last question is this: do we want to list the indexes as separate, surfers and non-surfers, or just have it combined like now? Might be more trouble than it's worth, but I know I, personally, always pay attention to those separate scores when I'm testing.

-- Voidious

Depending on what you mean by separate. I would list them like your previous post before the deciding between FortuneHT? and GrubbmGrb. --Starrynte

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