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(in no particular order)

  1. SandboxDT 1.91
  2. AspidMovement
  3. TheArtOfWar 1.2 TC
  4. Sparrow 2.5 TC
  5. Cigaret 1.31 TC
  6. Tron 2.01TC
  7. Fhqwhgads 1.1 TC
  8. HTTC (GouldingiHT with guns removed and ramming disabled). Download from: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1643
  9. YngwieTC
  10. FunkyChicken

You can download all reference bots in one zip file from here: http:/robocode/TCReferenceBots.zip http://upload.frozenonline.com/view/simonton/tc-reference-bots.zip http://minifly.rchomepage.com/robocode/tc-ref-bots.zip

I keep getting the error GE> tzu.TheArtOfWar 1.2TC still has not started after 5400 ms... giving up. This happens with TheArtOfWar and also sometimes with SandboxDT and Tron. I can't figure out what's wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? -- Vuen

I get that problem with any bot that reads from files, i think i need to reset the .robotcache, as it seems it is taking to long to read. -- Tango (But a TC bot shouldn't read from files, so...)

Witch JRE r u using? I've got these problems while running JRE 1.4.2.X, it seems throw an occasional security exception when a bot tries to access it's file (see RoboRumble/ReportedProblems or CompressedSerialization). If is that the case, the only solution i know is to retreat back to JRE 1.4.1 -- Axe

I am trying to get Tron v2.01, but the repository haves only 2.02. Is the movement the same? Or if not, does anyone have it - "downloadable" ? Maybe ABC can post the 2.01 version separated from Tron, if it is a reference, it should stay the same...-- Thnx, Axe

Sorry about that, I meant to upload a TC version but forgot to do it... I'll upload it to the repository asap. (Done) -- ABC

Thnx, no need to sorries. -- Axe

Ah, I just used Tron 2.02. I'll use 2.01 next time. About the crash, I'm pretty sure that it only occurs at the end of the battle or at the end of the round, so it doesn't seem to affect results. I watched the ending to a match with RoboLeague and TheArtOfWar crashed as it died at the end of the last round, so if it does this it's not a big deal; in any case, how do I go about turning off the Robocode security manager? I have a separate installation for the targeting challenge (up to 4 separate RC insallations I think?) which only has the reference bots and Fractal so I'm not worried about security. Can I just like, open up one of the RC classes and comment out one of the security lines and recompile it? -- Vuen

I have tested it a lot. Any bot acessing data with the 1.4.2.x (tested the & I happens randomly, and less in the first round (but it happens too). I think that bots fits in one of the three below:

 1. Bots that dont use disk data storage.
 2. Bots that use disk data storage.
   2.1. Bots that loads data in the beginning and save at the end of each round.
   2.2. Bots that loads data only in the beginning of the first round and save at the end of each round.
   2.3. Bots that loads data only in the beginning of the first round and save only at the end of the last.
That misbehaviour afects only the bots in the category 2. Bots in 2.1 will crashes oftenly at the beginning and end of rounds. Bots in 2.2 will crash oftenly at the end of rounds an sometimes at the beginning of the first. 2.3 bots crashes sometimes at the end an sometimes at the beginning. No rules at all about exactly when and how much. When it crashes at the beginning, even if u try to catch the SecurityException?, the bot freezes disabled. If it happens at the end, no harm is made, the points are valid (not 100% sure), in that case, u can even succeed to save the data, by catching it (the Exception) and re-trying to save. That's what i saw. Please correct me if am wrong. I don't know how much, but Fractal may be loosing points if u are running TC under that JRE (If your opponent freezes, u dont get any bullet points). I think that in one of the two links i posted above there is an explanation about running with another JRE while keeping the 1.4.2.x. -- Axe

I've even had SittingDuck crash like this, and it doesn't save that much data, just a couple of ints, i think. -- Tango

This is a big problem, I already pointed it out in the CompressedSerialization page. To solve the problem I installed the 1.4.1 JRE and launch robocode with this way

C:\Programmi\Java\j2re1.4.1_05\bin\java -Xmx256M -jar robocode.jar
-- Simonech

If someone who has all the reference bots could just make one zip with all of them and upload somewhere... it would be just great. Repository search seem to be broken, bots are missing. -- Frakir

Done: http:/robocode/TCReferenceBots.zip -- PEZ

Big thanks! I had all but Aspid, now I can be sure I run same versions as everyone else -- Frakir

No matter how I try. My Tron 2.01 moves and fires. It's the one from the zip-file. Someone recoginzes this problem? -- PEZ

Can someone send me a Tron 2.01TC please!!! I'm going nuts here... -- PEZ

This is getting even funnier. With Tron 2.02 it works to put it in challenge mode. But that doesn't help me since Tron I need the TC reference version to work. -- PEZ

That is very strange, here is the TC version again: http://robocode.aclsi.pt/tron/abc.Tron_2.01TC.jar -- ABC

Thanks. I'll try it tonight, I didn't have that particular version. But I know the regular 2.01 jar have worked for me before. -- PEZ

Can the bots fire back at you? If so my bots score vs Tron will be alot higher (as its only like 23% right now as my bot can't move ;)) However on some of the other bots my Gun is doing decently well. SandboxDT also seems to fire at me, which means my bot dies really fast.

Tron and SandboxDT can be put in challenge mode. To do that, you have to go their directories in the .robotcache directory, and edit their properties (named *.properties or *.ini or something like that). Comment what to put in there should be in the file. I though that they already are in challenge mode when packed into the TCReferenceBots?.zip though. -- GrubbmGait

I zipped up a copy of the reference bots with non-firing options turned on for DT and Tron. Enjoy. -- Simonton

Hmm, the fixed reference bot zip file that Simonton uploaded seems to be a broken link now. Anybody have a zip of the reference bots that they can upload somewhere? -- Rednaxela

I'm pretty sure these are the right bots, if there's anything missing just say =) -- Skilgannon

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