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Please add your contact info below. And please, PLEASE stay in alphabetical order and keep the proper spacing. It's helpful to copy the page into a text editor, make your changes, and copy the changed page back in.

Name ICQ # AOL Instant Messenger Yahoo! Messenger MSN Messenger Email Address Other
ABC abc dot goog at gmail dot com
Alcatraz Alcatraz271 dft at andrew.cmu.edu
Andrew a4ndr3w ford a4ndr3w at mail of hotness
Axe 314271451 axe1970@hotmail.com marcos.axe@gmail.com
AxialXForm i_am_armstrong
Baal Raey69@gmail.com Raey69@gmail.com
BJD bjoern.diwaldXXXgmx.de (XXX=@)
Chase-san 200106945 chasesandrgn fxblaster chasesan AT gmail DOT com Google talk
David Alves David B Alves davidalves at davidalves dot net
deathcon 172477117 deathconmail at gmx dot net
Dummy 23882878 kcl*at*hotmail.com k.c.li*at*lycos.com
Fnl flemming.n.larsen(at)gmail.com
Goofy GRYBGoofy
Gorded gorded@hotmail.com rcodd.downey@gmail.com
GrubbmGait grubbmgait at hotmail.com
iiley iiley iiley@hotmail.com QQ:25487983
Jabe2022 jabe_rf@hotmail.com or jabe2022@split9.com
jimpa 377820 seglarkillen@hotmail.com jimmi.wimmersjo@bredband.net
John Villar (RC NG) 99-32441@ldc.usb.ve john dot villar at florhard dot com
Jonathan moc.liamg@21nahtanoj (reversed)
Kawigi 6944879 kawigi kawigi kawigi@hotmail.com kawigi@hotmail.com
Krillr TheKrillr? aaron@krillr.com aaron@krillr.com
Krabb 252654095 mf-crab@web.de mf-crab@web.de
Kuuran 28797177
Loki 190181322 bvanhest /at/ freemail.nl.
lolo no_gales@hotmail.com no_gales@hotmail.com
MarijnK 60584719 marijnk@msn.com mkruisselbrink at eljakim dot nl jabber: mekboek@gmail.com
Martin martinapedersen martinalanpedersen martinalanpedersen martinalanpedersen@yahoo.com
Miked0801 katy(dot)mike(at sign)verizon(dot)com
[michael worth]? michael_worth@btinternet.com
Mike Zhang mzh4ng17 mzh4ng17@hotmail.com
nano 2702291 randomx kevnardi@hotmail.com
Nat nat 3738 (AT) GMail (dot) com same as MSN Google Talk
nfwu nfwutech <AIM Screen Name>@gmail.com <AIM Screen Name>@gmail.com
Paul Ingemi tuxinit
PEZ pez@pezius.com
Pulsar 3909225
Qetu damecocacola@hotmail.com or adolfo.nieto@gmail.com
rozu 73389876 Roger roger_zuest@hotmail.com
Scoob 97824632 WTw0Scoob Scoob_the_Gu@hotmail.com or scoobydoo.zhenggu@verizon.net
SchwarzerPeter 78234082 carstenringe
Simonech 7095361 simonech simone_ch@hotmail.com
Simonton SimontonER gmail: ersimont I use google talk
Sin Varg dgnet at web d0t de
Skilgannon jkflying gmail: jkflying google talk - jkflying
Sparafucil3 149095893 Sparafucil3 sparafucil3 Sparafucil3@hotmail.com
Starrynte starrynte <yahoo messenger id>@gmail.com (and ofcourse yahoo) google talk works also with same id
StefW stefwhome-rc@yahoo.co.uk
Sven Claeys tijdelijk_000@hotmail.com
Synapse synapticflame synapticflame robocode@closetphilosopher.com google talk, synapticflame
Tango thomasdalton19@hotmail.com
UnderDark Tinboy2004 Und3rDark@gmail.com
Vic Stewart 317830432
Voidious 965712 Voidious voidious@gmail.com Twitter/Pownce?: Voidious, GTalk / Jabber w/GMail id
Vuen vuen@lycos.com
Wolfman 11165639 wolfman9362 wolfman9362@hotmail.com
X-KAM-X 2695698 ckaml168@macau.ctm.net
zendragon 5288474 zendragon zendragon@hotmail.com or zendragon(at)dragonsoft.net
zidanetri? zidanetri@hotmail.com

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