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Hi, if I could have a canadian flag for package justin.* Thanks

In the rankings tables bots are represented with a the flag of its authors nationality. We associate the "main" package of the bot with a flag. If you find your bot has no flag, or has the wrong flag, let us know here. -- PEZ

For this to work any smoothly we will only allow one "main" package per author. -- PEZ

I've got a little problem here, without image it's not very pretty but I don't like my country and don't want to have a flag (flag is source of too many horror). Can you put a "no country" flag (I can try to find one) ? --Synnalagma

The flag for apvteam is the same as per apv package. -- Albert

Synnalagma, would the UN flag do? (Like the "wiki" bots have.) If not, holler at me, because that's the flag you have now. =)-- PEZ

OK, but if you send me the dimension i'll do a black or white one. --Synnalagma

The dimensions of the image are 30x18. -- Vuen

May you people please add a german flag to my bot: RiOx --deathcon

Done. Something seems to be wrong with the /Participants record for this bot I think. My client fails downloading it anyway. -- PEZ

Please add the image for the New Zealand flag and associate it with package nz. John Cleland

You are not the first one telling my this but i can't find to misstake.I'll upload it a third to to the repository and change the record list --deathcon

Does it work now? --deathcon

Nope. But I changed it for you now so it should work. -- PEZ

Thanx a lot. But another thing: is it possible to remove bots from the eternal rumble? --deathcon

If you mean EternalRumble it is as easy as sending an e-mail to rc_entry@hotmail.com and tell Amarok. --PEZ

If you wouldn't mind, Cinnamon should have a US flag next to it. Not that I really care, its is just easier to find that way. --Dan

Can Kenneth please have the english flag, the picture not found thingy doesn't particularly inspire me... --Brainfade

Done. Sorry if it took a while, I haven't checked this page in a while. -- PEZ

Bender is an italian soldier! - Goblin

OK, now it waves the Italian flag to show that as well. It can holler at his Swedish friend Nibbler. =) -- PEZ

pro.Lom 1.0 need a russian flag. :") -- Shu

Fixed. Though I can't see any such bot on the ranking table... Gave Raikio? a flag while at it. Can't have a #3 bot without a flag, can we? =) -- PEZ

Could you guys associate muf.CrazyKitten? 0.9 with Czech national flag, please? I prepared the picture to make it easier for you. --Muf

shu.nitro.LENIN .T34 need a russian flag. THANKS -- Shu

emp.Yngwie 1.11 does his stuff under the Dutch flag. Pez can you change that please? --Loki

krzysiek.robbo2.Robbo 1.0.0 looks like it should be flying a Polish flag, all it's taunts and package name are in Polish. -- Kuuran

kvk.HebusLeTroll 0.3 would have a french flag please. Merci.

OK. Shu, is it your bots both pro.Lom and LENIN? If so you should move them both to the same package. We have made the simplification in RR@H that we can link "top" package name with bot author in a 1-to-1 relationship. -- PEZ

I think you can associate the "shinh" package with Japan, too, since it was second at the Robocode Rumble of Japan. -- Kawigi

Lithuania flag for asm, please. -- asm

Our first Lithuanian bot I think. Welcome! -- PEZ

ahf have american flag?--andrew

amz, mz, gu and radnor are all american packages, too, right? -- Kawigi

yeah, but amz is supposed to me mz, but after i got lots of robots, i got mad that mine weren't at the top, so i added an a. -- Mike

Yeah, that's what Andrew said. -- Kawigi

OK, "ahf" and "amz" now have the US flag. "gu" and "radnor" has not yet, how sure are you that they are American Kawigi? -- PEZ

"gu" (me) should have the china flag and "radnor" (me, mz, ahf) should have the america flag. --Scoob

OK. Your wish is my command. =) -- PEZ

A USA flag for package usa please :-) --David Alves

please add the dutch (netherlands) flag to package vic --Vic

amz - us flag please -- Mike

You'll have to choose. amz or mz. Which is it? -- PEZ

please add the dutch flag to package fnc --Gumpu

please add the dutch flag to package bbo --BirdieB

Can you add the USA flag to package grybgoofy please? --Goofy

Sure thing! -- PEZ

please add the dutch flag to package japs --Parody

Done. -- PEZ

A(nother) dutch flag for package pla please? --PeLa

It's in place. -- PEZ

mc. is an italian soldier but peace flag, if is possible, is better for me. T(H)ANKS - Messapia

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean. You want the Italian flag on package "mc"? -- PEZ

If i have correctly understood he wants the UN - flag , which he called peace flag. --deathcon

OK. That's done now. Messapia, you can just holler at me here if it was not the correct guess. Nice name for that flag btw. I wish it some day will truly deserve that label! -- PEZ

Thanks for the patience, I have preparated the flag that I want. -- Messapia

It looks like a completely other flag to me. =) Anyway, it's decorating your entry now. -- PEZ

The best flag for me (pulsar.PulsarMax) Pez please, YOU know which one ;-) -- Pulsar

Well, I only know of one flag being the best. =) Let me know if it is the same as your best flag or not. -- PEZ

Good "wild" guess ;-) -- Pulsar

Ballt! Det har varit ganska ensamt sedan Tobe, Crippa och Jimpa la av. Nu ska vi måla listan i gult och blått! -- PEZ

Hehehe! Bra plan! -- Pulsar

gjr.Cephalosporin should have a Canadian flag. -- GJR

Not sure swedes, for example Pez, hand out anything more to Canadians! ;-) -- Pulsar

Well, after what they did to Forsberg I might hesitate. =) Nah! The flag has been in place for a while now. -- PEZ

Please add the german flag to package mue. -- Mue

OK! -- PEZ

Hello, please add French Flag to fm.mammillarias 1.3, Thanks a lot for this great website --Franck

Bienvenue! -- PEZ

I'd like to see a Polish flag next to me... --lRem

Polish flag it is. -- PEZ

Hi, can I get an Irish Flag next to my wit.XXXXXX bots, we aren't used to winning too much but.... Chuculain

Welcome! -- PEZ

Could you add Polish flag to bots from my ph.* package, PEZ? -- Ph

Powitanie do wikiu! -- Kuuran

Polish flag for the ph.* bots done. -- PEZ

Please, a brazilian flag for the mn package. -- MN?

A blue flag with a yellow cross for strider.*, please. -- Strider

Så gärna, så gärna. =) -- PEZ

Hmm, jag har inte fått någon svensk flagga än... har du glömt? -- Strider

Nä. Men jag måste gjort nåt galet... Ska fixa direkt. -- PEZ

Tackar, tackar! -- Strider

Thanks PEZ for changing Brazilian flag as I asked, now that green-lighty-neon will no more hurt the eyes! -- Axe

Blue, white and red bars stacked on top of each other for package jonathan, preferably in MacOSX text input select style. :-) Not that I will put anything in the RR soon... -- Jonathan

So Jonathan... Are you from Paraguay? The Netherlands? Yugoslavia? The Slovak Republic? Thailand? The Russian Federation? Slovenia? Luxembourg? Croatia? Costa Rica? etc... :-) --David Alves

Guess which "Nederland" is. -- Jonathan

China flag for zen.* package please -- Zendragon

Thanks. I've been wondering for very long what flag Lindada should have. -- PEZ

Australian for ntw.* please. -- Nathanael

Norwegian flag for trab.* package please. -- trab

I know this should be iiley or Xiemin call, but shouldnt Pear be under a chinese flag? -- Axe

Tide is a open source project,we dont know what country people will join us. Just currently there are only me and Xiemin working in it. Pear is a chinese robot, but the package tide.* i don't know which flag will be appropriate. Let it be the default flag for a moment ;]. -- iiley

Spain flag for mnt.* package, please. -- lolo

"And, i am thinking of the flag of here, can we have the Chinese flag here, Pear 0.58 should be a chinese bot, since there was no one else joined our Tide project. -- iiley" copied from The2000Club --David Alves

Australian for sigterm.* and ntw.* please. -- Nathanael

PEZ, I believe trab and toz need the Norwegian flag. -- Alcatraz

I think we should have a Chinese Flag for tide.* package now, since it be started, there was only me and Xiemin are the developers, and there was not any chinese flag on top now, hope to see the red chinese flag. Thanx, please. -- iiley

USA flag for my matt.UnderDark3 bot please

please add a french flag for ds.* bots -- F4kill

I think everyone needs a reminder that the current RR@H server is only supposed to be temporary. We're waiting for David Alves to dare start his new server for real. Thus I have not linked any country flags to "new" Robocoders lately. But I'll do it this time, to encourage F4kill to stay with us. I'll link UnderDark's bots too. And the tide package and the ntw package. (To Nathanael; we only give the linking service for one package per coder. This to encourage people to only occupy one slot in the package name space.) Also I'll try to keep monitoring this space so that you people who have requested flags but been left unheard can request again. I'll try to be quick in linking your flags. -- PEZ

Dutch flag for gh.* package please. -- GrubbmGait

Done! -- PEZ

USA flag for germ.* if you don't mind -- Germ?

Hallo, could you give the swiss flag to gio.* thanx -- [John Doe]?

Done and done. Big welcome to the rumble both of ya! -- PEZ

hi, I want to have a german flag! Would be nice if i could get one!! Is it allowed to have more then one Bot of the same type in this League? For example Krabb.Krabby_1.0 and Krabb_Krabby_1.1 thx, Krabb

While some people do it for a short period of time (and you can really have as many different bots as you want), you're discouraged from putting two versions of the same bot in the rumble at a time. You can still access the old stats from the previous versions (just click on the current version's information and change the URL to match the old version), and you can run comparisons on them even (they just aren't in the active ranking tables). -- Kawigi

For the record. Since Pulsar is hosting the rumble now it is no longer I who link your "main" package names to your country flags. Pulsar will hopefullt see your request Krabb, else you might need to e-mail him to remind him to monitor this page. And Kawigi is right. Flood the rumble with different bots of yours if you like. But not two versions of the same bot at the same time. To compare two versions of your bot, edit the compare URL to include your both bots. The example you mentioned would look like so:


Feel free to update your bot as often as you like. I bet you can never compete with me in that game. =)

-- PEZ

Thx for the information and the example PEZ. And i will compete with you !! ;) --Krabb

German flag for Krabb done. -- Pulsar

Any chance of a nice Scottish flag for shrub? -- Shrubbery

I'll see what I can find! -- Pulsar Done!

Can ScanFire have a looked-down-on American flag? -- Kinsen

Out of curiosity, what is a looked-down-on American flag? -- Kawigi

An American flag that everyone hates. -- Kinsen

Maybe that "Don't Tread on me" one then? -- Kawigi

I meant the regular 50-star 13-stripe American flag. However, I was simply making a little allusion to the hatred a significant number have against it. -- Kinsen

I think you're just being paranoid toward the Swedish owners of the RoboWiki and RR@H servers. They're not all terrorists! -- Kawigi

Oh, I'm not paranoid about the owners. In fact I think that they are rather sane (except when it comes to Robocode) but there are others besides them. -- Kinsen

Um, can ScanFire have the American flag? It is still flagless. -- Kinsen

Irish flag for amk.* please. Gotta hold true to my heritage. (I'm 70-75% Irish, 20-25% German) -- AaronKrill

Kinsen and amk done. -- Pulsar

ROFL @ Kawigi! -- Shrubbery

lorneswork = Canadian flag please. Thanks! --Lorne

Done! -- Pulsar

leb = Dutch flag. long live the real cow boys ;-) leb?

Done! -- Pulsar

American flag for cjm.* please. Thanks! --Corbos

American flag for kid.* too, please. --KID

2 american flags delivered. --Pulsar

French flag for florent.* please. --Florent

Dutch flag for stefw.* please. Thanks! --StefW

American flag for wcsv.* would be great. --wcsv

3 flags added. --Pulsar

American flag for dcs.* please. --dcs

American for pedersen, since you probably don't have one with the white hand of Saruman. Thanks. - Martin Alan Pedersen

pedersen / USA should be USA.

Two american flags delivered. -- Pulsar

serenity.serenityFire 1.8 need a Russian flag. Please! -- Sergi

Please, set up Russian flag for "demetrix" package. -- DemetriX

2 russian flags delivered --Pulsar

Australian flag for the "marksteam" package, if possible. -- DarienPhoenix

I wonder, possible or not to install blank (i.e. white) flag for all bots without flags.
With this decision, tables of results will look more attractive than now, with "red X" (no pic) instead flags. -- DemetriX

Finnish flag next to deewiant.*, please. -- Deewiant

American flag for the "kc" package, please -- Kev

Could 'voidious' get a USA flag, please? -- Voidious

One finnish and two american flags delivered. -- Pulsar

And what about my proposal? ("blank" flags) -- DemetriX

I think it would take more programming than it is worth. -- Martin Alan Pedersen

It's no need to program, just put the blank "gif" with name <package>.gif. I am ready to make these "gifs". -- DemetriX

Sorry I missed that. The current way it is programmed (should be a database with a country field or something) it can't be done in a generic way other than the suggested one gif for each package. Can you send me/make available a zip file with a bunch of gifs with the correct names I would be more than happy to add them of course! -- Pulsar

Blank flags -- Martin Alan Pedersen

@Pulsar; a suggestion: can the 'team'-packages "dummy team" and "apvteam" get the same country flags as there corresponding '1-vs-1'-packages "dummy" and "apv"? This info is available and it makes the charts a bit nicer. thanks! -- Loki

Perfect thanks for the blank flags, added one for the bons package and renamed the queens one and they are all uploaded. Thanks again Martin Alan Pedersen and DemetriX! Fixed Loki's suggestion too. -- Pulsar

Thank you too, Pulsar, for hearing me and realize my proposal. Thanks to Pedersen for GIFs, but, Pedersen, why you saved GIFs with 256 colors, you know for these blanks 2 colors enough. It's strange to see blank GIFs of 835 bytes size, when others, not blank, have size about 200 bytes. I made new GIFs with 2 colors and size reduced more than 13 times (62 bytes). I think it has some importance for reducing site traffic, especially for users with 56K modems (like me ;-) ). Pulsar, if you are interesting these GIFs, you can get it HERE (also add "djc", "mskwik" and rename "fishi" to "fushi") -- DemetriX

Nice DemetriX :) They are now installed. -- Pulsar

New blank flags are here -- DemetriX

Thanks, installed! -- Pulsar

Could Union please receive a Canadian flag? Thanks! -- Arebolledo

Just to save Pulsar some research, that's package "areb". (The flags are on a per-package basis.) -- Voidious

Done and thanks Voidious. -- Pulsar

Could PH4448 have an English flag please? Thanks -- BigPete

Package pfvicm - U.S.A flag. Thanks. pfvicm

New blank flags here + USA flag for package pfvicm -- DemetriX

Thanks DemetriX, those have now been added. BigPete, I can't find such a package or robot in the rumble? -- Pulsar

If you are still around, could I get a Chinese flag for the package bing2.Melody please? Thanks a lot

Chinese flag for package bing2 delivered! --Pulsar

Please add the South Korea flag to package stelo -- Stelokim 20060808

Hmm I don't have a suitable south korean flag available actually. I'll see what I can do, sorry for the delay. -- Pulsar

You can find a suitable south korean flag here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Flag_of_South_Korea.svg OK, i resized it to 30x18 .gif file. -- Stelokim 20060810

Thanks, done! --Pulsar

Could I have the Australian flag added to the package jp? Thanks. --Jp

Please, a brazilian flag for the package step, ok?!?! Thanks!!!!

American flag for DM.* please --Damij

Please add Russian flag for yk.* -- YK

To Pulsar: new blank flags; Australian flag for "jp"; Brazilian flag for "step"; American flag for "DM"; Russian flag for "yk" can be downloaded from here -- DemetriX

I will be defending the US flag. That would be the "simonton" package (assuming I uploaded things correctly). Thank you. --Simonton

Can the "ap" package have the prussian flag (sorta kinda old germany)? My grandfather was from there. I have a copy that you can use -- Ann

Sorry for the delay all and thanks DemetriX! Now uploaded and should work. --Pulsar

Oh, why not, i'll defend the same country as my sister, Prussia! My package is "chase". However I went and made a better version of the mini-flag. Not only is it smaller (641 bytes vs 1,059 bytes), buts its clearer aswell. -- Chase-san

Been putting this off for just over a year now :D... An Australian flag for package techdude please. --Nfwu

Broken flags on packages: chase, zh, dggp, dittman and ag. -- Nfwu

Could I have a Dutch flag for pacakge mk please? -- MarijnK

2 Nfwu: these flags are not broken, just absent for a while and will be in future -- DemetriX

Could you add Serbia flag to my robot iRobot, please?

Countryflags are given to a 'package', not to a single bot. For example: your robot iRobot is known in robocode as 'AIR.iRobot 0.1' and your robot GnuKlub? as 'moonchi.GFTWSMotherFucker? 0.1'. That are also the names you should enter in the participants page, not the name of the jar. Also it is strongly advised to use one package name per author, in your case that could be moonchi or AIR or something else you like. I altered the name of iRobot on the participantspage, you can find it in the rankings around rank 100. That is a very nice ranking for a newbee. Before submitting your second bot, you might want to recompile it under another name, as that name is not very luckily chosen. At last but not least, welcome to the wiki! -- GrubbmGait

I recompiled both bots under different names and now the package name is 'mladjo'. Now I have two robots: mladjo.iRobot and mladjo.GnuKlub?. Could you associate country flag of Serbia to the package mladjo? Here is the flag http://www.sendspace.com/file/ywzuun

My bots have no flag yet, I'm from Germany -- Altglass

Please add an American flag for package whind. I guess it's time to have one. -- Greywhind

USA flag for me please -- Baal

Canada flag for me 'n Lothrik :) -- MaXiMiUS

Please attach the USA flag to my package -- Ne

2 MaXiMiUS: package "mjb", isn't it? -- DemetriX

2 Pulsar:New 12 blank flags only can be downloaded from here -- DemetriX

Yes, mjb. -- MaXiMiUS

2 Pulsar: Maybe you can give me some rights to put new flags to server directory? -- DemetriX

Can I have a Polish flag for the pacakge 'deith' please? - deith

Hi all, I'm sorry for the lack of response here. This thing about the server side having to update the flags is unfortunate. Maybe one day we will have a better way (such as choosing yourself which I was planning for at one time, but so many other things as usual...). I've updated the blank flags. The other flags, lagging behind, I would really appreciate if someone took the time and bunched them all together in one zip file or so. Blank flags updated. --Pulsar

I be changing of my mind on my flag, and at the same time, uploaded a new GIF. I would perfer the Japanese flag, as they need someone defending them in the top 100. The old one looks like a badly squished bright red dot, where as the japanese one is a little darker. So this flag for the 'chase' package please. --Chase-san

I'm compiling a archive of all updated flags now (for each package thats changed, not just country). --Chase-san

As my subdomain seems to be down, you can find the zip here: http://www.tfsnewworld.com/chase/flags.zip . You should be able to just dump these into the flag directory and they should work (all are 30x18 gif's with names of packages). --Chase-san

rc.yoda.Yoda needs a canada flag when its up on the ranking wall -- Gorded

Many thanks Chase-san! Flags are now uploaded, yours as well Gorded. --Pulsar

Please add the German flag for package jgap. Thanx a lot -- Klaus Meffert

Please add USA flag for da.NewBGank? -- Damon

Please add the german flag for package de. Thanks -- Hennes

Please add the British flag for package tcf. Thanks -- Tim Foden

Can you add a South African flag for package jk? Thanks -- Skilgannon

USA flag for package "ar" please. -- AaronR

Indian flag for the "sng" package please. Thanks -- CodeGoat

The Canadian flag for the package "projectx" please and thanks -- ProjectX

Australian flag for "donjezza" please.

German flag for Package "Bemo" please.

Can you please add the italian flag to package mcb? Thanks

Polish flag for Package "marcinek" and "lechu" please.

I'll work on making up another zip for these. --Chase-san

Okay, once again it is here: http://www.tfsnewworld.com/chase/flags.zip. They are inside a folder inside a zip this time, as I know most people use an ftp to upload stuff, this way they don't have a bunch of loose images floating around a folder. this is the new version however, I also updated the blank flags as best I could and updated a few others with higher quality versions. Better colors better detail, but still attempted to keep the size down. --Chase-san

So is Pulsar around anymore? Or should I start writing up my own server software. >:) --Chase-san

Can I have a Singapore Flag for ary.SOS_1.01 and any other bot that is mine in the future? Thanks.

Can you add the italian flag to package mmb please?

It would be possible to add the european flag to the package "jab"? you can find 30x18 image at Thanks.

Polish flag for Package "zch", please. ZCH?

Singapore Flag for ary.FourWD?, please. Thank you. -- aryary

Please add german flag for package alk.*. Thanks [Kai Altstaedt]

Singapore Flag for package 'ary.*', the same one as in package ' ak.* ', please. Thanks. -- aryary

Can I have my flag for package ary.*? Thanks. -- aryary

A Canadian flag for ags.* would be nice when someone canget to it. Thanks :) -- Rednaxela

can I have the french flag please ? My package is sul.* Thanks. --Sulibilune

Polish flag to am.* please. :> Miedziu

Hungarian flag for package hp.* please :) Skinn3r

New authors don't seem to have a flag. Is there any possible way at all to "give them a country to stay in"? Poor me doesn't have one as well :( -- Aryary

Can I have Thai flag for my package, nat.* please? -- Nat

Hi, I'd like a Venezuelan flag for zyx.*, please. I haven't seen any bot with it, I don't know if you have a standard way of getting the flags, or if you prefer for me to upload one somewhere. Thanks -- zyx

Hi, I'd like a Hungarian flag for robar.* please. :] Here's one: (I've made it just for You! :))

Hi, if I could have a canadian flag for package justin.* Thanks

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